For over 140 years, Vaillant has led the way in heating and hot water technology - pioneering many of the heating solutions we take for granted in our home.

Simply put, no one understands your heating requirements like Vaillant.

Today, we’re helping open the door to heating products that are more innovative than ever before. Advanced heating technologies that will bring you a greater level of heating comfort and help lower your energy bills.

Perfect for people, perfect for the environment. Pioneering technology from Vaillant. Now that’s a warm welcome home.

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Our products

ecoTEC boilers

It's a changing world. With fuel costs constantly rising, it's more important than ever to use heating systems that offer fantastic performance and efficiency to keep gas bills as low as possible.

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Renewable heating technologies are fast becoming a popular way of providing ultra-efficient heating and hot water for your home. Not only does this help you with your home's green credentials but crucially enables you to save significantly on your fuel bills.

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